Creating a Gourmet Kitchen for Your Lifestyle

The kitchen is the heart of your home and should be designed to reflect how you live. Whether you’re an avid cook, a seasoned host, or a busy family, your kitchen can enhance those things that are important to you, and make life a bit simpler.

The Gourmet Kitchen

For the foodies, a gourmet kitchen is essential. Consider the layout of the kitchen in terms of these zones of how they will be used—preparing food, cooking meals, cleaning up, and serving. Your kitchen should have sturdy and easy to clean surfaces, like natural stone countertops and chrome faucets & fixtures, and consider your storage needs, as well. Be sure you have room for specialty items like a spice collection, pots & pans, and utensils. While the aesthetics of your appliances is important, the focus should be on their performance and functionality.

The Entertainment Kitchen

If you love to host gatherings of friends & family, then the size of your kitchen may be a little bit more important. The square footage of your kitchen will determine which features can be included to accommodate your guests, such as an oversized island with extra seating. In addition to space, your kitchen should focus on specialty features that are integrated into the space that make serving food & beverages to your guests easy and comfortable. Consider custom-built cabinets that can be designed according to your needs, and fixtures that make serving a breeze.

The Family-Friendly Kitchen

While certainly any style of kitchen can incorporate family-friendly features into it, some kitchens are designed exclusively for the hustle & bustle of busy family life. Make your kitchen comfortable for everyone, including the youngest members of your family, and perhaps even your pet. It should accommodate kids, preparing & enjoying after school snacks, have a place for your pet to eat—and to store pet food & treats. Parents will need space to prepare meals, and a central island, breakfast nook, or eat-in area, allows everyone to gather together while dinner is cooking. You might also want to consider adding an area for kids to do homework, or a central hub to handle mail and the relentless onslaught of paperwork from kids’ schools & activities.

Your kitchen should merge beauty and function to fit the needs of your family and the pace of your life. At Compass Homes, we make designing and building your dream kitchen thoughtful, simple, fun, and stress-free. We work with outstanding partners, and we believe the details make the difference. To learn more about our available inventory and lots, or to start designing your forever home, contact us today.