Experience Compass Homes…Clients Tell All

We love our clients at Compass Homes, Columbus home builders, and want to share their experiences in building a home with you. We work with you, listen to you, and use our expertise to make your dream home a reality.
This month we’re going to feature Jill, one of our favorites whose project started while they were still overseas. They love their new home in Jerome Village and are happy to be back in Ohio! Learn a bit about her views on the building process at Compass Homes.

What was your experience with Compass Homes?
Our experience was really good. We started the process while we were overseas. We had come home for a visit, picked out our lot, made plans, and then we went back overseas. I came back when they were beginning the electrical work. Compass was so responsive to our requests. Lots of people warned us against building, but we enjoyed it. We are planners and thought two steps ahead. Things ran very smoothly.

What is the favorite aspect of your new home?
The open concept is great! We have a 2 year old and it’s perfect that we have good sight lines throughout the space. We have room to spread out, and a furnace, which are things we didn’t have in Japan!

If you could change one thing, what would you change?
I think as far as the process, it’d be really being able to nail down all of the financial pieces at the beginning. We did it to ourselves by upgrading as we went, so costs were more than we planned. Part of that was because we weren’t in the country, so we didn’t do all of the upgrades at the beginning.

What advice would you offer to someone who is building a home?
It’s important to think out each detail ahead of time. People need to know & understand the house plan and go through it mentally to try to foresee any problems that might pop up. An example is putting light switches in the right places. Figure out where you need them to be by living in the house in your mind.

Who else did you reach out to for building a home?
We reached out to Truberry, Regent Homes, and Coppertree. We chose Compass because it came down to who was available and what we could get for our price point.

Would you do it again?
Yes! I have no negative aspects in my mind, and I really liked seeing it come to fruition.

Clients like Jill make our job meaningful. We care about you and your home and work to go beyond your expectations. At Compass Homes, new homes in Jerome Village, we want your experience to be the best and we will work hard to make your new house a home.