Compass Homes BIA Parade Activities Update!

As your Columbus custom home builders, we are excited about our amazing home that is taking shape for the BIA Parade of Homes at Verona beginning September 3rd and ending September 18th. Our home is going to be extraordinary and we can’t wait to share it with you! We have some great events planned for you to enjoy. These two involve food and your kitchen. Mark your calendars now and join us!

The Tupperware Party:

This isn’t just any Tupperware Party. We’re so excited to have the famous Dee W. Ieye hosting our Tupperware Party on Wednesday, Sept. 7th from 5:30-8:00pm. Kevin Ferrell, (aka the Drag Queen Dee W. Ieye) travels the country doing Tupperware parties. Kevin is an Ohio native, who moved to LA and was on many TV shows. Now, his alter-ego is the #1 Tupperware Lady and Personality, and we can’t wait to share her humor & Tupperware knowledge with you. Dee W. Ieye will definitely be worth a visit to our Parade home on September 7th. We’ll be selling Tupperware the whole Parade, with a Tupperware shop set up in the garage, so if you can’t make it on the 7th, you can still shop Tupperware. We’re doing the pantry in our home in all black & white Tupperware (think of it as Legos for Mom!), so you can see all of the great products they offer in our model. Cheryl Garrett will be taking orders and all orders will be set up for direct delivery.

Italian Cooking Demo:

Mark your calendar to come to our Parade house on September 17th, from 1-4pm for an Italian Cooking Demonstration. Cheryl Garrett will be conducting this delicious demo. Cheryl will be making Italian pasta sauce, ravioli, and ricotta cheese (yep, you can make it at home). Cheryl is passionate about cooking, and can’t wait to share her knowledge with you. Cheryl co-owns Home Source but turned the day to day operations over to her husband & children in 2015 and spent the year pursuing her other passion: cooking.  After spending two trips over several months in Italy, Cheryl returned to the U.S. with her Professional Masters Certificate in Italian Cuisine.  She now offers catering from her new company, Capers, as well as cooking classes.  Her most popular classes are: Homemade Pasta 101, Italian Pizza, French Pastry, and her new Grillin’ Gals class! For more information email:

Keep watching our website & Facebook page for more updates for the 2016 BIA Parade of Homes. Our Compass Home in the BIA Parade of Homes in Powell, Ohio will be the place to be this fall!