Experience Compass Homes…Clients Tell All

We love our clients at Compass Homes, home builder Columbus, Ohio, and want to share their experiences in building a home with you. We work with you, listen to you, and use our expertise to make your dreams a reality.

This month we are featuring Patrick. We shared his wife’s story last month, so now we are sharing his thoughts. They love their new home and have settled in to being in Dublin! Learn a bit about his views on the building process at Compass Homes.

What was your experience with Compass Homes?
Our experience was good, overall. I wasn’t as “hands on” with the project; my wife took care of most of it, as I was working overseas! There were a couple things that were a struggle, but after discussions, Compass took care of those things.

What is the favorite aspect of your new home?
Besides the fact that my family is all together in the home, my favorite aspect is the flow of the first floor. We have good sight lines. I like the master bedroom closet and how it turned out because everything fits in it!

If you could change one thing, what would you change?
I would make the 3-car garage bigger. I would have bumped out the 3rd bay where the exit door is and made it deeper & wider. We are finding that it would have been a good idea.

What advice would you offer to someone who is building a home?
Be patient & very organized. It’s important to clearly think through everything you might want. Try to live in the house in your mind. Compass provides the key niche and we requested having the outlet in the niche. We should have put it in a different spot in the niche, but now it is too late to change it, so really think every detail through.

Who else did you reach out to for building a home?
We looked at Truberry & Fisher Homes, but had heard that experiences with them could be difficult. We didn’t have that issue with Compass. We had heard good things. The timing was right for everyone involved with Compass & us. Other builders had a floor plan or lot that we liked, but not both, or the build time we wanted, so timing was a factor.

Would you do it again?
Yes…because my wife handled it! We got a very good house and we’re happy with it. We learned what changes we would make if we did it again. I don’t have many big complaints.

Clients like Patrick make our job meaningful because we want the best for them. At Compass Homes, Jerome Village homes for sale, we want your experience to be the best and we will work hard to make your new house a home.