Community Spotlight: COhatch

Compass Homes is inspired by the unique & innovative new businesses that are in our communities. Today we are taking a look at COhatch Upper Arlington, and how they’re transforming how people work. 

With locations throughout Central Ohio, COhatch is a “community town hall 2.0”, and offers spaces where individuals, start-ups, small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofits can connect and grow together. Embracing a whole-life approach, COhatch is designed to be a place to not just work, but to meet and be social. 

Let’s be honest, this is way more than co-working! In addition to the amazing spaces and access to the latest technology, members enjoy amenities like gym memberships, professional development workshops, community events, family spaces, beach house access, member discount programs, and much more.

COhatch Upper Arlington – “The Overlook” – is located in The Shops on Lane Avenue, which is a fun & walkable location with convenient access to Downtown. It offers amazing views of Upper Arlington, with sliding walls of windows that allow for a truly unique feel. The space offers private offices, meeting & conference rooms, a cafe and bar, and more than 10,000 square feet of space.

“If you need a place to go and work, this is the place. COhatch is worth the price to get a space that has a boat-load of amenities, quiet space, and open collaborative space. Best decision I made for an office space.”

– S.F., Facebook

Another thing we love about COhatch, the brand has its eye towards giving back to its communities. COhatch partners with local non-profits for its Give Scholarship Program. The coworking space impacts local communities by leveraging its space for non-profits to apply to use through the Program.

Image Credits: The Metropreneur, ThisWeek News, and COhatch

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