A Guide to Living with Adult Children

Parents spend the first eighteen years of their child’s life preparing them to leave the nest. Sometimes, baby birds fly back home. There are a variety of reasons parents and their adult children may be sharing a home, whether it’s […]

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Pickleball Mania

Compass Homes is a boutique custom home builder for families in central Ohio, with a mission to build well-thought-out and efficient homes. We do this through a detailed design / build process and by putting “more thought” into every step […]

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Grown Up Sports Decor

For many, sports are a part of who you are, and as such your home should reflect that. But we’re also adults with adult tastes, so a giant wall decal of your favorite player isn’t the best way to introduce […]

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Quick Guide to Outdoor Entertaining

Throwing an outdoor party that’s fun, festive, and filled with food, drink, and conversation isn’t quite as simple as hosting an indoor party. When you’re hosting an outdoor party, the weather can definitely complicate things. It’s important then to plan […]

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Holiday Storage Tips!

The holidays are such a wonderful time & decorating your home is so much fun. But how can you easily store all of the ornaments, the tree, the lights, and other decorations when the holidays are over? At Compass Homes […]

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