Build Your Custom Home On Your Lot

“I never design a building before I’ve seen the site and met the people who will be using it.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

At Compass Homes, we couldn’t agree more with this thought!

Are you thinking of building a custom home on a lot you’ve already chosen or do you need help finding one? As your custom home builders, we know a thing or two about choosing homesites, what to look for, what questions to ask your builder and more. We’re here to look critically at the site, speak with you to determine your wants & needs, and develop a positive working partnership.

Choose the Builder

When you’re ready to build a custom home, finding the right builder is one of the most important aspects of your building experience. A truly reputable builder will answer all of your questions openly & honestly, work closely with you, and keep you informed throughout the process. 

What should you do?

  • Browse builders’ websites and look at what they build, their reviews, types of floorplans, if they’re custom builders, and what sets them apart from the competition.
  • Narrow your search by talking with friends that have built custom homes & ask for recommendations. A realtor that works with custom builders might provide you with insights.
  • Ask questions of potential builders. Ask how many homes they’ve built, how long they’ve been in business, how they see themselves compared to other builders, what changes can be made to existing floorplans, what features are standard & what are upgrades, how long the build will take, how will they communicate with you & how often, and who are the subcontractors? The more questions you ask up front, the fewer surprises will follow.
  • Know your budget, your must-haves, and have answers ready for the builders.
  • Trust your gut, do your research, and choose your builder. If you feel that communication is good, your questions are being answered fully, and they can build your dream home, then you’ve found the builder for you.

Find the Homesite

Your homesite is just that – your homesite. That magical place where your family story is told, dreams come true, and life happens. But how do you find that lot & what do you need to think about? Here’s where your builder’s expertise is extremely important. The more knowledge they have, the easier it’ll be for you to find your lot.

  • Know the zoning requirements. Can you build the type of home you want? What’s the land nearby zoned for?
  • What’s the elevation, slope, and topography of the land? Will it work for the home you want to build?
  • What site work has already been finished and what needs to be done? Is there electricity, natural gas, water & sewer already in place?
  • Does the size of the lot work for your needs? Is it big enough for that pool or patio you’ve been envisioning? Room for the kids to safely play? That 3rd car garage or morning room? Is it a corner lot, a larger or smaller lot, in a new or established neighborhood, out in the country, or something in between? 
  • Is it in the school district or community where you want to be?
  • Do the views & the direction of the sun work for you?
  • Is it right where you want to be, with the right commute to work & the right amount of traffic & neighbors?
  • Can you see yourself living here happily now & in the future?
  • What amenities are around you and what’s yet to be developed?
  • Who takes care of maintenance like clearing the roads of snow, yard waste pick up, recycling, etc.? Is it you, the HOA, the city, or county? What do you want to be responsible for? 

We Are the Experts

We take pride in being your premier boutique home builder. Why?

  • We have a variety of homesite available in exceptional neighborhoods & school districts.
  • Our portfolio of floorplans is enormous & completely customizable.
  • We have years of experience building all over central Ohio, an excellent reputation, and we understand the build process fully & completely.
  • We build beautiful homes in new neighborhoods, like Jerome Village, established neighborhoods like Upper Arlington, out in the country, or on any homesite you want. We have a large on your lot building presence, which saves you money in not having to hire an architect or contractor.
  • We know zoning and have amazing working relationships with the zoning commissions in each city.
  • We don’t like surprises that aren’t positive! We research restrictions, subdivision regulations, possible liens, building codes & permits, setback requirements, and any limitations that could be in place for the site. 
  • We will help you navigate the due diligence process of buying & building your new home on your homesite.

When you set out to build a home, finding the perfect builder & the perfect homesite isn’t as hard as you think it might be. At Compass Homes, we take pride in being your partner in the build process! We pledge to communicate openly with you, set the right expectations from the start, and deliver what we promise while building you an amazing custom home with more thought & quality per square foot, for the best value possible.

Let us make your dreams come true in Upper Arlington or anywhere in Central Ohio you find a homesite! Contact us today.