Best 5 of 2022

At Compass Homes, our mission as a home builder is to provide new homes built by a team that is passionate about the process of building the best new home. A new home that’s a reflection of you and your family; a home you can be proud of for years to come, and have confidence that the home was built efficiently to ensure your equity.

In addition to building custom homes, our team stays on top of the latest home design and decor trends, industry news, and enjoys sharing spotlights of some of our favorite community places and events. This year, we have curated our Best 5 articles of 2022, but be sure to check out our blog for all of the latest news and updates from Compass Homes.

What clients say about Compass Homes.

What Clients Say About Compass Homes 

As a luxury boutique, custom home builder, we are here to help guide our clients to a home with more thought and quality per square foot, for the best value possible. We dare our clients to dream boldly and accept the challenge to make those dreams come true. After all, the difference is in the details. 

We know there are many home builders in Central Ohio, and we are grateful to our clients who have entrusted us to build their custom dream homes. And nothing makes us happier than to hear how they are enjoying their new homes.

Home light fixture examples.

Artful Lighting: Tips To Illuminate Your Art

You’ve invested in a piece of art and it’s time to show it off in your home, but what’s the best way to do so? While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when lighting art, there are two general approaches to how you should illuminate your art – directly illuminate the art or just have a piece live in a nicely lit room. We share our best tips to help make everything from prints to gallery walls shine.

Home office design examples.

6 Home Office Design Tips You Will Want To Steal

Being productive and staying focused in your home office can be a challenge, but with intentional design and an organized, functional layout, you can take back your focus and increase your productivity. By including a blend of your personal favorites with your professional persona in your surroundings, you will find it easier and more enjoyable to concentrate on the task at hand – and feel comfortable doing it.

Upper Arlington Public Library.

Community Spotlight: Upper Arlington Public Library

The UAPL celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017 and is considered a community jewel, providing opportunities for lifelong learning and fellowship. It is comprised of the Main Library on Tremont Road and two smaller branches, the Lane Road Branch, and the Miller Park Branch. The mission of the UAPL is to create educational, social, and entertaining experiences to inspire the local community to explore, gather, and grow. We take a look at a few of the more unique ways it accomplishes its mission.

A luxury custom kitchen design featuring oversized island and stainless steel appliances.

Kitchen Details Up Close 

When you envision the kitchen you’ve always wanted, you probably don’t think about the individual details, but rather think about it as a whole. It’s not until you really get involved in the design that you likely realize all the little things that really make your kitchen come together in a functional way. So, let’s take an up-close look at the kitchen details that really matter.

It’s our goal to help you create your forever home where your family can be together in a space that is comfortable for everyone. We hope you enjoyed our best 5 articles of this year. Contact us today to get started on designing your home with More Thought per Square Foot.

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