Baby Proofing Your Home!

It’s such an exciting time! The baby is here and will soon become mobile. As your baby starts to roll over, then crawl & walk, watching them grow is so much fun, but with each stage comes new worries! How do you start the baby proofing process to keep your home safe as your children grow up? Compass Columbus custom home builders are ready with suggestions & ideas to keep your little ones safe.

Baby Proofing Outlets & Cords

Secure all reachable cords with electrical tape so they can’t be pulled from the outlets. Hide any cords or outlets behind furniture that you can. Cover any electrical outlets not being used. There are a variety of covers available that will work for all kinds of outlets and you can even find some that are more stylish than others.

Baby Proofing Appliances

Unplug & store any small appliances like toasters & coffee pots that are not being used. Don’t let cords dangle off of counters or be in baby’s reach. There are stove knob covers available that should be used if the knobs are within your child’s reach. When cooking, keep the handles of the pots from hanging over the end of the stovetop where they could be pulled down or bumped.


If your toddler will be able to go down in the basement or in the garage, lock up paints & other hazardous materials. In any room that has cleaning supplies, detergents, medicines, or any other potentially dangerous substances keep them up on high shelves or latched or locked inside cabinets. Don’t forget to get rid of any choking hazards. Put items in bottom cabinets that are safer for babies & toddlers, like pots & pans, plastic plates & cups, or even keep toys for your baby that will keep them occupied in a bottom cabinet.

Baby Proofing Furniture

Add cushioned corner guards to coffee tables, hearths, and any sharp-cornered surfaces. Secure bookshelves & unstable cabinets to walls. Is the TV secured or high so it can’t be pulled over?

Baby Proofing Windows

If they are low to the ground, secure the screens or keep the windows closed & locked if the toddler is in that room. Don’t put furniture in front of open windows; it could potentially be a way for your child to fall out of the window. Keep cords from blinds tied up and out of reach at all times. Secure screen doors if you have the door open.

Utilizing Safety Gates

Put safety gates anywhere you don’t want your child to go…bottoms & tops of stairs, the entrance to an off-limits room, or at an outside door. There are many options available, including having sliding gates built into your walls or doorways.

Baby Proofing Your Water Heater

One thing we don’t think about, but can be a scalding hazard, is the water coming from faucets. Lower the temperature of the water tank heater to below 120°F.

Baby Proofing a Bathroom

Pad the tub faucet with a cover and put a non-skid mat in the tub. Make sure rugs have a non-skid backing to prevent slipping. Keep the toilet seat down & latched. Don’t ever leave your baby or toddler alone in the bathroom. Even better, always keep the door shut.

The Hands & Knees Method

One of the most effective ways to babyproof your home is to crawl around every room on your hands & knees. Look for small unattached or loosely attached items (like the cap on a doorstop, the gas fireplace key, cords, outlets, houseplants, magnets on fridges or boards), and anything else that could be a potential hazard. See the home as your child will. What catches your eye, looks edible, or is just fun to play with?

As parents, we take safety seriously. Even with all of these precautions, the best way to keep your children safe is to watch them, and not leave them alone in a room. Let us at Compass Homes, with stunning homesites in central Ohio, help you design an amazing home that your family will love. Contact us today to find out more!