Design Studio: All About Cabinets

Cabinets are a crucial element of your home’s design, and they mark the starting point for your decision-making process. They play a key role in shaping the look of your kitchen, the heart of your home, and setting the style for the rest of your living space. Cabinets can add personality, substance, and most importantly, organization to your home. Simply put, they transform empty areas into functional living spaces.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors you will need to consider when choosing the cabinetry for your new home.


While some home builders will use stock or semi-custom cabinetry, true custom cabinets allow for the greatest flexibility, detail, and quality when it comes to your cabinetry design. At Compass Homes, we only install custom Riceland Cabinets in our homes, and homeowners can choose from our included styles, upgraded styles, or create their own custom look.


The possibilities are endless when considering the design of your brand-new home’s cabinetry. But here are a few of the major decisions that help guide you through the selection process:

Construction Style

There are three general types of cabinets: traditional overlay, full overlay, and inset, each of which describes how the cabinet door or drawer sits on or in the cabinet frame. These three styles come in a variety of styles and budgets, depending on the look you are going for.

Door Style

The basic cabinet door styles include shaker looks, beaded, flat panels, raised panels, and many more. From traditional to modern and everything in between. Your choice of door style can make a huge impact on the look of your cabinets and each individual space.


Stained cabinets come in an oak finish but many wood options are offered, allowing for a more sleek or textured rustic look. Stained oak, cherry, and hickory are three commonly used materials, each of which will take stain or show the wood’s natural grain differently. Painted cabinets come in a hard solid maple wood which enhances the quality of construction and an unlimited number of color choices will be at your fingertips in our Design Studio.

Compass Homes Cabinets.


Your finish might be painted or stained and will likely be a matte or satin look. While many other options are available such as a distressed or glossier finish, matte finishes are currently more in style.


While of course, you want your cabinets to look amazing, their functionality should not be compromised. At the Compass Design Studio, Client Liaison, Tiffany Pirkl, can help ensure that your cabinet selections capture your personal style while maintaining the all-important functionality.

We understand that buyers oftentimes have difficulty envisioning what everything will look like once it’s all together, which is why we offer clients access to our award-winning Design Studio at 3817 Attucks Drive in Powell, Ohio. Though the Design Studio may not appear to be huge, there are endless possibilities within its walls!

At Compass Homes, we’re passionate about our process-driven culture that allows our clients to enjoy building their new homes almost as much as they enjoy living in their brand-new homes! We are here to help guide you through the building process so that your home is uniquely yours, with more thought and quality per square foot. Contact us today to get started building your new home.

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