A Well Designed Home Makes Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Spring is probably on your mind, now that the temperatures are starting to warm up and there are glimpses of the sun shining. Unfortunately, along with the beauty of Spring comes the daunting task of Spring cleaning your home. But did you know that the very design of your home can help make this dreaded job a little easier?

The key to keeping your home neat & organized—and ultimately easier to clean—is ensuring that everything has a place. And what better way to do so than to design your home with this in mind; which is exactly what we do at Compass Homes. We exist to help guide you to a home with more thought and quality per square foot, for the best value possible. We are about building a smarter, more efficient, and character-filled home.

Read on for some ideas from our designers on how to add spaces to your home that will help to keep it organized and make Spring cleaning a breeze.

Make the Most of Your Mudroom

We love mudrooms and the space that comes with them. Typically, when we think of mudrooms, we know to use it as a place to get rid of shoes & outerwear, but it can be so much more. At Compass Homes, we build mudrooms in most of our homes, and love to have discussions with our clients about what the envisioned use will be for it.

  • What needs to be stored there?
  • Who, besides your family, will see it?
  • Do you need to use it for pets?
  • Do you need a place for car keys, reusable grocery bags, mail, phones, and tablets?
  • Can you include a message center for your family?
  • What do you want the storage areas to look like?
  • Do you prefer open shelves, cabinets, baskets, and/or wall hooks/pegs?

There are endless options available to you to personalize your mudroom. It’s really a matter of personal preference. We’ve seen loads of mudrooms and have helped our clients create their own visions. What are some options you can choose from? Remember to make it easy to clean, since it’s the last line for dirt before coming into the home.

Beyond Just Laundry

The laundry room has evolved into a room with its own personality, uses, and features that can help keep your home organized. If you’re building a home, don’t make your laundry room an afterthought…but do some planning and thinking to make it come to life and be a room you’ll want to show off!

Make your laundry room multi-purpose by including a craft area, desk, and sports storage. Your laundry room is also a great place to keep the dog bed, crate, or kitty litter box—and maybe even install a built-in pet spa!

Everything is easier when your home is designed with your family in mind! However you live, our designers can create a space that fits your lifestyle and makes it easier to keep an organized and clean home. We are here to help your home vision come true, so contact us today.