A Guide to Living with Adult Children

Parents spend the first eighteen years of their child’s life preparing them to leave the nest. Sometimes, baby birds fly back home. There are a variety of reasons parents and their adult children may be sharing a home, whether it’s a brief stint between semesters at college, a temporary solution as they gain financial independence as a young adult, or aging parents moving into their child’s home, more & more adults are finding themselves in multigenerational homes.

A flurry of emotions occurs when adult children move back in with their parents. Both parents and adult children might feel thrilled, excited, nervous, sad, hopeful, or anxious at this sudden and often unexpected adventure. Regardless of how you feel about an old living arrangement that’s suddenly new again, ensure the transition back to roomies goes smoothly so all parties are on the same page with these tips!

Communication is Key

Set clear expectations at the beginning! Sit down with your child and discuss every aspect of what it means for them to live with you. Discuss logistics, including rent payments, household chores, and other responsibilities. Establish a timeline for the length of the new arrangement.

Be Respectful of Each Other

Respect each other’s privacy. Living together can be challenging when everyone has different schedules and routines. Be certain to show respect, but remember whose home they choose to live in. Discussing rules upfront and being direct is a great step to ensure everyone is on the same page. Compromise where you can but know where it’s not appropriate to bend.

Create a Personal Space

Now might be the time to update a child’s bedroom to accommodate adult needs. Turn the room into an apartment by including a small refrigerator, microwave, and mini pantry. It’s also possible to create a hallway-like area with a coat rack or console table and section off a living space with a sofa, coffee table, and television. Transformational furniture can maximize spaces while making them more livable.

Establish Ground Rules

Establishing rules & boundaries can help prevent conflicts and ensure everyone is on the same page. This could include rules about guests, noise levels, and household chores.

Live Your Own Life

All parties should maintain separate lives outside of the home. Encourage everyone to pursue their own interests and hobbies and to maintain social relationships outside of the house.

Whether adult children are moving back into their parent’s homes or aging parents are moving in with their children, multigenerational homes are becoming increasingly common. Compass Homes creates spaces for every living arrangement.

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