Enhance the Look of Your Home with a Functional and Stylish Door

A door is just a door, right? Well, not anymore. Gone are the days when doors simply provided privacy, protection, and separation. Rather, these days doors have become stylish as well as functional, and a well-designed door can make a style statement and be a conversation starter.

This might seem like a lot of pressure on a door, but the Compass Homes design team has the inside scoop on all of the design trends – including interior and exterior door trends – and can help you pick the perfect style to enhance the look of your home.

A white front door with minimal windows.

Exterior Door Trends

  • Make a bold statement that can be seen from the curb by painting your front door with a bright color or high-gloss paint. 
  • Add stability, strength, and weather resistance with steel doors.
  • Create interest and add durability with bronze and copper doors.
  • Display a distinct architectural style with the use of insets of glass or metals.
  • Create an entranceway as unique as you with vintage doors.
  • Create an ornate look with exotic woods, leather, and nail heads.
  • Get smart by adding keyless entry that allows you to control the locks from a smartphone or other device.
  • Allow for a seamless connection with your outdoor living space by installing accordion and bi-fold doors in the back of your home. 
  • Make your entryway comfortable for everyone by creating a no-step or “zero-step” entry that keeps your door on the same level as the walkway.

Interior Door Trends

  • Inset decorative glass panels on interior doors to allow light to flow between rooms, creating a sense of openness. 
  • Turn a plain interior door – like your office door – into its own kind of artwork by installing barn doors on sliding tracks. 
  • Add an eclectic feel throughout your home by adding wallpaper, chalk paint, leather, metals, and paint to your standard doors.
  • Rescue vintage doors from warehouses, offices, and old homes to add character and charm throughout your home.

Whether you are searching for functional, elegant, modern, historic, or trendy interior and exterior doors, our design team can help. At Compass Homes, we are here to help guide you through the design process so that your home is uniquely yours, with more thought and quality per square foot

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