9 Plants for Your Home That Are Pet Friendly

Are you looking to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home with the addition of a house plant (or two!) but concerned that it may not be safe for your pet? It’s true that cats and dogs may like to chew on plants for a variety of reasons – simply to play or because they are trying to settle an upset stomach. The good news is that there are plenty of pet-friendly house plants that you can add to your home. 

African Violet

African violets are one of the most popular flowering houseplants due to their ability to bloom in low light and their affinity for the same environmental conditions that people like, including moderate temperatures and average humidity. 

Spider Plant

If you are looking for a retro vibe, the spider plant may be your best choice for a houseplant. Also known as ribbon plant or airplane plant, the spider plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs and will tolerate a wide range of light, moisture, and soil conditions.

Boston Fern

Although your pet may be tempted to chew on the shaggy fronds of a Boston fern, the foliage is non-toxic to cats and dogs. These are the perfect plants to brighten up your bathroom since they prefer humidity and lots of bright, indirect light.


If you are up to the task, orchids are pet-safe plants, if just a little temperamental (at least for those of us non-green thumb enthusiasts!). Many orchids bloom for weeks in the winter when days are short, thriving in partial light and root-bound conditions.

Purple Waffle Plant

If the name isn’t enough to intrigue you, consider that purple waffle plants are great air purifiers that help keep your environment healthy. Its textured leaves offer all-season interest, with bright indirect light helping to maintain the purple coloration without bleaching the leaves. 

Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant is growing in popularity because of its fun round leaves and the fact that it sprouts so many babies, making it a great gift. These plants are relatively small, most not growing larger than 18 inches, and really don’t like to be overwatered.

Air Plant

If you can’t trust your fur-baby not to chew on your house plant, your best bet may be an air plant. They are excellent pet-friendly, low-maintenance houseplants because they don’t need any soil to grow. Most air plants will stay smaller than 12 inches, and they thrive in bright, indirect light with a quick soak in water about once a week. 

Goldfish Plant

A gorgeous blooming plant, the goldfish plant get its name from its red-orange flowers that appear in spring and summer. It seems that some people think the flowers look like leaping goldfish, hence the name.

Parlor Palm

If you are looking to make a statement with your houseplant, the parlor palm is a small tree that is both pet-friendly and low-maintenance. Easy to grow, it does best in bright, indirect light, but also tolerates low light. Be prepared, however, your parlor palm could reach up to eight feet, although four feet is more common.

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