7 Ways to Create a Cozy Guest Bedroom

Everyone can relate to the amazing feeling of settling in after a long day of travel. If you’re visiting family or friends, you’re most likely staying in a guest bedroom. If you’re hosting, you want your guest bedroom to be a place of relaxation for your guests. But what exactly makes a guest bedroom cozy? Read on for 7 ways to create a cozy guest bedroom. 

#1 Think about what would make you comfortable

You are an expert in what makes you cozy. Add a touch of home in your guest bedroom by including things that you personally find cozy. This could be hanging curtains that block out light in the morning or adding extra pillows on the bed. The important thing is to let a piece of you come through, so your guest bedroom feels personable & comfortable for your guests. 

#2 If space allows, create multiple places to relax

Sometimes your guests may want a place to relax separately from their bed. This can be especially true if you bring breakfast to your guests’ room or if you have multiple guests in one room. Adding a bench or a small couch at the end of the bed can be perfect for any sized room. If you have a larger guest room, add a small seating area or a recliner in one corner with an accent table. Including extra places to relax can allow guests to spread out and feel more at home. 

#3 Don’t be afraid to decorate but don’t overdo it

While this may seem contradictory, it’s an absolute must when putting your guest bedroom together. Lack of decoration can make the space seem cold and certainly less than homey. However, too many things on the walls or decorative clutter can overwhelm guests and can actually make space feel smaller. A perfect balance would be similar to the style of most hotel rooms while making sure to keep the space personal. 

#4 Provide items that travelers typically forget

People are forgetful, especially travelers. Traveling can be stressful and can make people even more forgetful than normal. To remedy this, take a cue from hotels and provide these easy to forget items for your guests. The most common forgotten items are toiletries and phone chargers. Stay organized by assembling a small collection of toiletries in a basket for the guest bathroom. Be sure to include a couple of toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand sanitizer and shower supplies. For phone chargers, the most thoughtful host will have an extra for Androids and for iPhones. 

#5 Stock up on towels and blankets

People have different preferences when it comes to towels and blankets. Some people only use towels once, while others reuse them a couple of times. And some people like to bundle up for bed while others are perfectly happy with just the sheets. To accommodate the varied preferences of your guests, we recommend stocking up on both towels and extra blankets.

#6 Entertainment in the Guest Bedroom

In their downtime, your guests may want to unwind in their guest bedroom. It’s important to include some entertainment for your guests, especially if they have trouble sleeping. If you put a TV in your guest bedroom, be sure to include some DVDs or a list of commonly watched channels. You can also leave some books on the nightstand in case your guests are bookworms. Any genre is great, but mysteries have been the most popular for decades. 

#7 Last but not least, snacks and water

A weary traveler or a late-night snacker will certainly appreciate some snacks and water in their guest bedroom. It’s best to keep in mind that non-perishable snacks are best. If your guests are staying for a few days or more, snacks like fresh fruit can go bad. Switch it up by also including snacks like pretzels, cookies, and popcorn.

After your guest bedroom is all set to go, be sure to spend some time in there to make sure it’s up to your standards. You can even stay in there for a night to make sure you’re not missing anything such as cold breezes or scratchy sheets. Going the extra mile for your guests will definitely make them thank you in the morning and solidify your status as a fantastic host.