6 Reasons You Need a Mudroom

A Mudroom is the room in your home that is designed, specifically, to act as a transition space between the outdoors and the interior of your home. Typically found off of the garage or back entrance of the house, the Mudroom helps to keep your home clean & organized, and provides space for all those items necessary for your family, but that you don’t want to see strewn throughout your home (shoes, I’m looking at you!).

When designed correctly, your Mudroom can be a beautiful, functional hub for your home, rather than a cluttered, dismal pass-through from your garage. A creative use of space and maximizing organization allows you to smooth out the day-to-day function of your home. Here are our top 6 reasons that you need a Mudroom:

  1. Helps to Keep Your Home Clean – In addition to providing room for all of your assorted “stuff,” Mudrooms literally stop snow, mud, and rain in their tracks. Rather than dragging the elements in the house, the Mudroom gives you a space to shed wet & dirty clothing & shoes, before entering the main living area.

  2. Keeps You Organized – When designed properly, with plenty of storage, cabinets, & hooks, your Mudroom can play a major role in keeping your family organized. There’s no need to scramble to get out of the house in the morning when everything necessary can be kept in the Mudroom, including coats, shoes, backpacks, and car keys.

  3. Saves Energy – Acting as a literal barrier between the interior of your home and the outdoors, Mudrooms add an extra layer of insulation and helps to keep out those blustery winters. When the Mudroom bears the brunt of the temperature changes, it’s not as expensive to heat or cool the house.

  4. Serves as Pet Central – If you have pets to accommodate, the Mudroom is an excellent location for a pet shower tub, sink, built-in kennel, interior gate, and even a dog or cat door. Consider transforming a cabinet into a rolling food station, or add a food and water bowl drawer.

  5. Adds Storage – It seems no matter how much storage you have, you always need more! A Mudroom is a great place to store things that don’t seem to fit anywhere else in your home, including pet supplies, bulky outerwear, cleaning supplies, and shoes, without losing valuable closet space.

  6. Increases Your Home’s Value – Extra room is always a bonus when it comes time to sell the home. Buyers look for storage and a nicely organized place. Putting in a Mudroom with storage options like cabinets and benches make the space more inviting and useful. A home with a well-designed Mudroom will increase your home’s value and make it easier to sell quickly.

With a little creativity and help from our design team, you can create a home that is beautiful & functional, and fits your family’s lifestyle. Compass Homes is here to help guide you through the building process so that your home is uniquely yours, with more thought and quality per square foot. Contact us today to get started building your new home.