5 Tips for Finding that Perfect Piece of Land

Finding a lot to build on.

There are many benefits for buying land & building a home somewhere out away from the hustle & bustle of city or suburban life. You may want more acreage, no neighbors, room to spread out, or just be able to get away. As your custom home builders in Columbus, OH we can help you with finding a lot to build on – or if you’ve already purchased it, we can build your home on it, creating a beautiful partnership along the way.

But what should you think about before you purchase that “green acres” homesite?

Requirements for Zoning

Do your research & understand zoning requirements. Can you build the type of home you want? What’s the land zoned for around you? You wouldn’t want to build your dream home and find out a warehouse is going up behind you. In the same vein, research what your investment will bring you, in case of an unplanned resale. A truly superior builder will have done its due diligence to be sure the home you want to build will fit the area, and not be unsellable!

What Is Around You? Use Your Senses

Use all of your senses. Is there a farm nearby that you’ll be able to smell? Look at the roads. Are they cared for & free of trash? What do you hear? Are you under a flight path or near roosters? What does your piece of land look like –flat & bare, trees, hills, or underbrush? Drive around the area, taking in the sights, smells, development, and overall feel of the area.

Land Elevation

Is there a river or creek nearby? Has it ever flooded? Are there hills or slopes that will be difficult or perfect to work with? Will you need to raise any elevation or to add significant amounts of fill dirt? How much of the land will need to be leveled? The custom home you want to build will need to fit into the parameters of the land. If you want a large morning room, or pool, or patio, does the topography work for that? Sometimes what seems like a perfect homesite might be rife with elevation issues.

Utilize the Utilities

Are there utilities in place, or will you have to have electric, natural gas, water, or sewer added? You may be far enough out that you’ll need to have a well dug, and sometimes water rights aren’t available or the difficulty to dig for water will be cost prohibitive. The same goes for electric, telephone, and cable. If it isn’t nearby, the land might not be exactly what you want. Are you going to need a propane tank or septic system? All of these are considerations when moving away from it all. You may want to have a backup generator installed since the further out you go, the less reliable electric could possibly be in case of a power outage.

Benefits and Deterrents

Benefits: Not always, but land usually tends to be a bit less expensive the further away you get from more developed areas. It’s easier to build the size custom home you want, with your specific requirements. Having land gives you room to go green-solar panels, water catchment systems, and taking advantage of the land’s slope, the way the wind flows over the land, and ability to grow some of your own food may sway you to buy land. Wide-open space means wide-open views, both in the daytime & nighttime.

Deterrents: When & if you need to sell, what’ll it take to sell your home? What are the roads like in the winter when there’s snow & ice? Will you be stuck for days in bad weather? It may be harder for tradesmen & work crews to get your project completed, due to getting materials to the site and working around the weather. And don’t forget about travel times to & from work, school, and shopping.

If beautiful vistas, hearing & seeing everything the countryside has to offer, and you enjoy a quiet commute, then living away from it all might be just what you’re craving. Don’t buy the site until you’ve done your homework and spoken with a custom home builder.

At Compass Homes, your Columbus, OH custom home builders, we can build your dream home on your piece of paradise, whether it’s out away from it all or in a community you love. We’ve got multiple floor plans that can be customized for your needs or we can create your vision. Contact us to get started.