2014 Kitchens-What’s In, and What’s Out?

As your Columbus custom home builders, we like to make sure we are keeping up with what’s “in” and what’s “out” for 2014. Not to mention, we will be paying close attention so we can highlight some of the “in” trends in our Parade home this year!

As we have stated before, kitchens are of the utmost importance in a home. Since we are one of the premier Columbus home builders, we take pride in our creativity and ingenuity when it comes to kitchens. We like to make your life easier, while providing style and function.

According to 2014’s Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report:

  • Granite is out and synthetic options are in. Solid-surface countertops such as CaesarStone and Zodiaq are popular choices. You might also notice that black countertops will be very popular in 2014.
  • Open shelving or glass front cabinets. People are using the cabinets to display cookware, oils, vinegars, or fine china they want to be seen. While this requires a bit more organization, it has become less difficult since many are using larger pantries to store their other items that they would not typically “display”.
  • The Triangle. Ranking high on the what’s in list is recreating the work triangle in the kitchen. It has been noted that many are moving away from the traditional work triangle of stove, fridge, and sink.  Many are now trying to modernize their kitchen to fit their family’s needs. This might mean a work station for the kids, drawers in the fridge for quick grab drinks, or whatever it is that is important to your family.
  • Wood stained cabinets. You might notice lacquer cabinets will be replaced with wood stain finished cabinets since lacquer cabinets are not as durable. Wood stain is much more forgiving. Once a lacquer cabinet is dented you have to replace the whole door.
  • Flooring. You will see that floor colors will be lightening up. The dark floors show more wear and tear and the lighter floors actually disguise those things.

As your home builder Columbus, Ohio, we are continuously researching ideas for our Parade home. We want to bring you something new and exciting each year and also present design trends as we uncover them!