15 Ways to Declutter this Spring

As your home builder Columbus, Ohio we want you to get a jump on your spring cleaning. Even with the weather not always being “spring-like”, the cleaning MUST be done. In this case, our spring cleaning is going to focus on getting rid of items you no longer need! You will be amazed at how spring decluttering will really increase overall productivity and happiness in your life.

We were inspired by this article of 35 things to get rid of RIGHT NOW… and we have selected our favorite 15 items that you can you should PURGE RIGHT NOW and not feel an ounce of guilt, feel good about lightening your load and starting to really get a handle on your spring cleaning. You don’t have to tackle them all in one day, take one day at a time and soon you will have your list completed.

Spring Decluttering List

  1. Appliances that don’t work anymore (hairdryers, toasters, vacuum cleaners)
  2. Hangers from the dry cleaner
  3. Air mattresses that do nothing but leak (you know you have one)
  4. “Extra” bath towels, you know… the ones that hog cupboard space (these might be great to donate to an animal shelter!)
  5. Expired sunscreen, medicine and beauty products
  6. Crusty old makeup
  7. The clothes you don’t wear (DONATE them, feel good about freeing yourself from items YOU no longer need but someone else might NEED)
  8. Cookbooks you’ve never read and never plan to use
  9. Stacks of old magazines
  10. The miscellaneous cables, wires and old phone chargers that don’t get used
  11. The freezer meat that’s been there for a year
  12. Receipts. ALL of the old receipts.
  13. Expired cleaning products, and ones you never use
  14. Holiday cards (you are going to get new ones in about 8 months)
  15. Old yard toys
A woman preparing for spring decluttering.

In 15 days you can notice less clutter in your home and feel good about going into summer! Not only are we new home builders, but we are also home organizers/therapists… okay, okay, maybe we better stick to home building since that is what we really know!