10 Things You Should Consider in Designing Your New Kitchen

Your home’s kitchen design is about so much more than being a place to prepare meals. In many homes, the kitchen is the very heart of the house, where families gather together for meals, friends celebrate life’s everyday moments, and kids carve out a space for after school snacks & homework.

While kitchens in many older homes tend to be isolated and often times small, newer homes incorporate kitchens into the homes’ open spaces to not only allow for gathering, but to encourage it.

Here are 10 things to consider when seeking to create a kitchen space that is meaningful and that will truly be the heart of your home.

1. Establish a budget

Whether designing your new home’s kitchen or renovating your existing home, know what you can spend on your kitchen and make decisions accordingly. There are a lot of line items in a kitchen design budget, and if money is tight, then splurge on what is most important to you.

2. Design the layout

However you will use your kitchen, design it with that in mind. Is there typically just one person in your family who does the cooking, or are you a multi-chef home? Do you need a workspace for you or your kids? How will you entertain family & friends in your kitchen?

3. Ease of use

The working triangle refers to the idea that your range/cook-top, sink, and fridge should all be near one another for easy access. Without proper planning, you may end up criss-crossing the kitchen to complete simple tasks, so consider the traffic pattern around these key pieces of your kitchen to ensure there is plenty of space to move comfortably.

4. Allow for storage

Trust us, you will thank us later. Don’t be afraid to get creative, including plenty of custom Amish-built cabinets with built-ins to keep everything organized. If you entertain frequently, you may want to include ice drawers to keep beverages cold for your guests. If your family includes a furry friend, consider storage space for their food & supplies, as well. And don’t forget about your trash & recycling bins.

5. Focus on the light

Have a lighting plan! Kitchens need task lighting above but also ambiance, which is what makes a stylish pendant over an island or sink important. Lighting fixtures can be a unique design element in your home, and the perfect finishing touch for your decor. It’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so make it light & airy by incorporating windows throughout whenever possible.

6. It’s all about the island

There’s no such thing as too much countertop space and it’s hard to imagine a brand-new kitchen without an island. But more than just providing additional countertop space, islands have come a long way and now oftentimes include fridges, storage, sinks, and cooktops.

7. Sinks + Backsplashes

These may seem like simple choices for your kitchen, but they can add significant functionality and character to your space. Consider the look you are going for, as well as, the ease of cleaning to decide what is best for your kitchen.

8. Cabinets + Colors

Cabinets define the style of your kitchen, from the height of the cabinets to the color. Bright colors can add energy to a room but be careful not to overwhelm the eye. Focus on light hues for cabinets & walls and use brighter colors as accents.

9. Plenty of plugs

Think about the placement & quantity of electrical outlets. Consider designing a special cupboard with outlets for your small countertop appliances, and under cabinets that allow for a seamless backsplash and are hidden from the eye.

10. Plan for the future with your kitchen design

Whether keeping in mind how your family may evolve over five to ten years, or planning for the possible resale of your home, you should consider how your kitchen will age. Meet with an interior designer to learn which trends to avoid and how to successfully achieve a timeless design.

Ultimately your kitchen should be unique and suited to your family’s needs. The design team at Compass Homes can help you create a kitchen that will meet the needs of your family for years to come. Visit our Inspiration Gallery for design ideas, and contact us today to get started on your forever home.