What exactly does “More Thought Per Square Foot” mean?

Well, it means you’ll be living in a home that makes your life just a little bit easier. How does that happen? By thinking things through that can help you.

It means knowing your home is built in the right community.

Where we build can often be more important than what we build. At Compass Homes, we work with you to plan efficiently in communities that have great schools, are committed to residents, and where there is accessibility to what really matters to your family. Our process ensures your home is planned efficiently to maximize appraisal values and safeguards equity in your home.

It means knowing we are part of your team.

Our process-driven culture means we pay attention so that you can trust the highly-trained staff to build your home. We are passionate about what we do and we know that our process of building your dream home is important to everyone on our team.

It means enjoying more space.

Your new home will have spaces that are creatively efficient; spaces that open up new possibilities for the way you want to live. Morning Rooms that encourage large family gatherings, Flex Rooms that are able to change as your family grows, and plenty of storage to help you to stay organized. Every square foot serves the purpose of helping your family to live better.

It means having less maintenance.

You’ll have a home that works for your family now and in the future. One that provides convenience, less maintenance concerns, and stronger resale values. You will have peace of mind and maybe more free time that is not spent maintaining the small things.

What makes us different?

  • Land Position
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Designs
  • Architectural Details
  • Cost Control
  • In-House Design Studio