What exactly does "More Thought Per Square Foot" mean?

Well, it means you'll be living in a home that makes your life just a little bit easier. How does that happen? Well, by thinking things through that can help you:

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Never lose your car keys again

Every home we build has a Key Niche and Electronic Storage Charging Station. So not only will you not lose your car keys again, you'll also...

Always have your cell phone charged

Remember that Electronic Storage Charging Station we just mentioned? Well, that's always waiting for you as you walk in your home so you just slide your phone into the built-in charging station and let it go.

Have the look of a built in refrigerator and microwave

Custom homes don't always have to have the high pricetag, because when things are thought through from the very beginning, simple things that don't cost a lot can make a HUGE impression. So, we build in a recessed refrigerator enclosure so it looks like it's part of the cabinetry without the high cost of a cabinet-depth refrigerator;

Organize your recycling in your kitchen

Our customized recycling center is built into your kitchen cabinets so you can separate your recycling & garbage quickly and easily;

Enjoy more space

Your new home will have spaces that are creatively efficient; spaces that open up new possibilities for the way you want to live. Morning rooms that encourage large family gatherings, flex rooms that are able to change as your family grows and plenty of storage space to help you to stay organized. Every square foot serves the purpose of helping your family to live better;

Have less maintenance

You'll have a home that works for your family now & in the future. One that provides convenience, less maintenance concerns and stronger resale values. You’ll have peace of mind and maybe more free time that is not spent maintaining the small things.

At Compass Homes, we offer "More Thought Per Square Foot" both inside and out, including:

  • Hardwood & Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Key Niche and Electronic Storage Charging Station
  • Boot Bench and Shoe Organization Unit
  • Recycling Center
  • High efficiency heating & cooling systems